Most retailers know that performing search optimization on Amazon is a different animal than with a traditional search engine. A new study across 344,936 unique products and 746,500 search results from Ripen eCommerce confirms these thoughts.

The study analyzed various factors including keywords in a products title/feature/descriptions, Amazon Best Sellers Rank, fulfillment options, prime eligibility and more.

The top 5 factors that correlated with a better ranking were:

  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank (Sales Rank)
  • Items Sold/Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Keywords in Product Title
  • Prime Eligible products
  • Discounts

While the above factors helped bolster the visibility of a product in the search results, one factors correlated with a lower Amazon ranking: Third Party Fufilled Products (even if Prime eligible). When a product wasn’t fufilled by Amazon, there was a strong correlation with decreased visibility.

For more information and full data see the full Ripen eCommerce Amazon SEO Study.

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