Major YouTube TV Upgrade is Rolling Out Now to More Sports Fans

Jul 31 · 2 min read

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YouTube TV is a great cable TV alternative with a ton of great features, but its new multiview feature probably pushes it toward the top of the list for many sports fans. This feature allows you to watch up to four channels games at once, though the four networks are curated by YouTube TV — not selected by you. After a soft launch, it now looks like YouTube TV's making things more official. According to YouTube, which owns YouTube and YouTube TV, WNBA League Pass subscribers can now use multiview to watch multiple games at once on YouTube TV or YouTube with Primetime Channels. Multiview is also available for March Madness, news channels, weather and more. It appears as if this current version of YouTube's multiview is limited to WNBA League Pass subscribers, and remains in limited testing for other content. Multiview is only available for smart TVs and streaming devices, and not for mobile or web versions of YouTube and YouTube TV.

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What is Multiview?
Multiview is a feature for YouTube TV — and now YouTube if you have an eligible Primetime Channel subscription — that allows you to watch two to four channels at once. These multiview channels are curated by YouTube TV and can not be customized by you.

How to Use Multiview?
To select a multiview channel, go to your Home tab on either YouTube TV or YouTube and look for “Recommended multiviews” or “Watch in multiview.” These options may also be available as a Watch Next or TV Networks option, if you are currently watching a live game. Once you find the multiview you want to watch, just select the desired multiview and it will open. Use your remote to switch between channels in the multiview. The highlighted channel will be the only audio you hear. If you want to only watch one of the multiview channels, highlight then select the desired channel and it will go full screen. If you want to go back to the multiview layout, just click back on your remote.

Who Can Use Multiview?
Right now, it seems the only people who can reliably find multiview are those that are subscribed to WNBA League Pass, a premium subscription that allows you to watch any WNBA game (local blackouts apply). And you must have WNBA League Pass through YouTube TV or YouTube Premium Channels. We do expect this will change come by this fall, though. YouTube TV is now the home of NFL Sunday Ticket and has already confirmed that multiview is coming to the NFL streaming service.


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