Microsoft Announces Platform Name Changes Amidst Market Acceleration

Jun 23 · 2 min read

Article summary:

Microsoft recently announced numerous name changes to a handful of its platforms. Microsoft Ads has accelerated its digital footprint through big-name partnerships over the last few years. The platform name changes are a result of what the changes represent. Microsoft Ads is typically known for its search advertising platform (formerly Bing). With the scaled offerings and bringing on new clients and new verticals, Microsoft’s strategic expansion is “bringing together the power of a search engine, news distribution, operating system, business network, browser, and gaming platform combined with a supply-side platform for publishers, a demand-side platform for advertisers, and a retail media stack.” Microsoft is growing its search footprint and diversifying itself against other players. The PromoteIQ acquisition shows its strategic focus on the retail industry, and its offerings are unique and something Google doesn’t have. Microsoft is quickly becoming a significant international force with advertising capabilities in 187 markets and 35 languages.

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