Google Update, Twitter Blocked Google, Bing Removed From ChatGPT & More SEO, PPC and Analytics News

Jul 7 · 2 min read

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This morning, we saw significant movement with the Google search results ranking and algorithm. Twitter blocked unregistered users from seeing tweets, which blocked Googlebot and resulted in huge drops in Google Search traffic. A few days later, Twitter fixed it. Bing Chat improved its efficiency and dropped latency by 25%. OpenAI disabled the Bing Search feature in ChatGPT due to paywall issues. Bing Chat will add a way not to search the web for answers. Google said it would work up new ideas for robots.txt that might work better for generative AI technology. Google Search Generative Experience can show local store inventory. Google is testing showing author names in the top stories carousel. I posted the monthly Google webmaster report. Google said no ranking factor compensates for missing relevance. Google said /blog or not, it doesn’t matter and it doesn’t say Google is wrong. Edits you make to your Google Local Service Ads hours will show up in Google Business Profiles in 24 hours. Google Merchant Center is rolling out automated discounts. Google Ads Editor version 2.4 is now out. Google Ads will remove examples from the legal requirements policies. Google Analytics UA3 is still collecting data for some but for how much longer.

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Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update & Volatility Super Heated


Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update & Volatility Super HeatedTwitter Blocked Unregistered UsersBing Chat Improves Efficiency & Reduces Latency IssuesChatGPT Shut Down Browse With BingBing Chat To Allow You Not To Search The Web (No-Search)Google To Work On Complementary Robots.txt Protocols For AI & MoreGoogle Search Generative Experience Shows Local Store InventoryTest: Google Top Stories With Author NamesJuly 2023 Google Webmaster ReportGoogle's John Mueller: No Ranking Factor Compensates For Missing RelevanceGoogle: It Doesn't Matter If You Use Blog Folders For URLs & We're Not WrongEdits To Your Local Service Ads Will Update Your Google Business ProfileGoogle Merchant Center Automated Discounts Fully LiveGoogle Ads Editor Version 2.4 Gains Multi-Account OverviewGoogle Drive Integration & MoreGoogle Ads To Remove Examples From Legal Requirements PoliciesGoogle Analytics UA 3 Still Collecting Data But Google Says Not For Long

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